Benefits of using a Cross-Platform Approach

Benefits of using a Cross-Platform Approach

In the modern era, the use of mobile apps and technologies is rising at an alarming scale. According to the latest study, approximately 77% of the world’s population are online. With the rapid adoption of smartphones, businesses are getting enormous opportunities to extend their business on a large scale. It also completely changed the way how people delivered and accessed their service or products earlier. It’s so crucial for developers to pick up the right app development tool that can build an excellent app for the business. As we are talking about the best app development tool, so, cross-platform app development is the first choice of every developer when they think about creating or building a mobile app for business firms. According to the report, the cross-platform application development market already surpassed the figure of $7.9 in the year 2019, and it supposed to increase rapidly in the coming years. Whether it’s a startup to the large enterprises or SME’S, cross-platform is indeed the best form of technology to develop the app on every significant platform, including IOS, Android, and Windows.

More about Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform development is considered as software that has the ability to create an app that can run across multiple device platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, and many more. This means you can target every major platform, including IOS and Android, just by building a single app. It has been the holy grails of developers to create any mobile apps. It allows developers to deliver native-like apps as it has advanced tools and technologies that help to build apps that almost seem similar to native apps. In comparison to native apps, cross-platform technology is much more reasonable in price.

Here, is the list of the best cross-platform app development tools to go for in 2020

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is one of the best cross-platform development that you can use in the year 2020. It is owned and maintained by Adobe, an American multinational software company. It is an open-source Apache Cordova mobile development framework that allows you to complete a set of PhoneGap toolset and includes options such as Debugging, safari web inspector tool, chrome developer tool, Microsoft visual studio, etc.

  • Debugging tools help to inspect CSS, HTML, and any other debug codes in Javascript.
  • Safari Web Inspector tool is used for IOS App Development.
  • chrome developer tool for android app development
  • Microsoft visual studio for windows

React Native

React Native is a cross-platform that helps to create native apps and uses Javascript as a programming language to develop such apps. It is created by none other than social media king Facebook. It allows you to write modules in languages such as Swift, C, Java, and so on. Also, you can use react native on image editing and video processing that is entirely not possible in any other API framework.


Corona is one of the most popular cross-platform for developing and creating numerous exciting games and apps for mobile devices, tablet, and desktop. It is free and high to use for high-quality graphics and the rapid development of games. It also works amazingly in speed up your coding process, updates your code, saves the changes, and many more.

What are the benefits of using a cross-platform approach for your apps in 2020?

Here, are the following benefits of using the cross-platform approach for your apps in 2020

Reduced Development Cost

Budgeting is always an issue for businesses if they go for native apps, as it requires huge costing. In that situation, if they go with cross-platform app development then, they can save massive money as it is based on a concept ‘write once, run everywhere’. That means by creating a single app, you can use it in multiple platforms such as IOS, Android, and Windows.

Native-like App

One of the significant objectives of cross-platform technology is to deliver native-like apps.

Code can be Reused

The cross-platform allows you to reuse the same code across all the major platforms you want to use. You don’t need to write new code for every platform. This saves time and resources as well because it eliminates the task of repetition of creating new codes.

Easy Integration with Cloud

Another good thing about this platform is that cross-platform mobile apps are compatible & you can take benefit of various plugins integrated with the cloud settings to improve the app’s functionality and scalability.

Faster Development Process

When it comes to developing a cross-platform mobile app, it is easy for developers to build an app with a single code for multiple platforms. Single code for various platforms can automatically reduce the development efforts by 50%. And, businesses can get a feature-rich mobile application in less time. In cross-platform app development, the app development teams can easily abide and adhere to the estimated deadline.

Greater Reach

The cross-platform approach enables you to build an application that can run on various platforms (Android & iOS), including the web. The more platforms you cover, the more people will be able to reach you. So, Developing an application that runs on both iPhone and Android gives you the added advantage of striking into enormous market potential, thus maximizing their reach.

Some Other Quick Benefits of Using Cross-platform Approach


As we all know, today’s people facing fierce competition, and businesses want to be at the top. Their primary focus is on targeting audiences with their online store. The developer has widely embraced the cross-platform approach as it makes the whole development process easy & agile, and also it is quick to learn. Leveraging a cross-platform approach, companies can lead to fasters development, cost-effectiveness, and speeds. And these are the reasons that make this framework the preferred choice of businesses globally. But there are also several disadvantages of the cross-platform approach, which are- limited user experience, performance challenges with limited tools availability. So, as a business, you must consider both sides of cross-platform mobile app development– its pros & cons!

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