Is AngularJS the Perfect Choice for the Future of App Development?

Is AngularJS the Perfect Choice for Future of App Development?

In this tech-savvy competitive world, technology is evolving every week and month. In Australia, numerous startups and businesses are facing the issue of choosing the best app development platform. It is essential to choose the right technologies for mobile app development in Australia that fits the most with your business requirements. As we all know, there are a plethora of technologies available in the market. Thus, making it difficult for both businesses and app developers to choose the right one.  

With the emphasis changing to build extremely complex and feature-rich applications, developers were challenged with crucial functionality and scalability issues. Libraries such as jQuery had no clear separation of considerations and often culminated in the cluttered codebase and unnecessary use of DOM. This resulted in the growth of the Angular framework, providing an interface for building interactive web and CRUD-based apps. Let’s see how Angular helps you to create interactive web & mobile apps with rich experience

About Angular JS

Angular is an open-sourced, frontend, Javascript-based web framework, which is launched by Google. It was designed to address the challenges of building single-page applications. It does not come with any excellent add-ons and libraries. Eventually, it is easy-to-use and simplifies the development process to quickly develop a mobile app. It was first released as Angular JS (or Angular 1.x), and later it was completely revamped as Angular (Angular 2+) in September month of 2016. It helps developers to maintain the code integrity of the application.

Advantages of Angular

The benefit of AngularJS over the traditional development of web apps are-

  • Better articulation– Compared to loosely coupled components, it has better articulation and abstraction of presentational elements.
  • Structural framework- Its structural framework helps to build a top-quality web application with support for view hierarchy, route navigations, and data binding. This enables you to develop CRUD based applications faster.
  • Reusable services- Encapsulation (the process of wrapping data and code together into a single unit) of business functionality employing reusable services and dependency injections.
  • Decouple DOM- This framework intends to decouple an application’s logic from DOM manipulation in jQuery, Backbone era, introducing transparent separation of concerns.
  • It focuses on independent isolated testing.

Key Challenges on which AngularJS works

While Angular came with massive potential for a developer to build rich, interactive web applications. But, few limitations resulted in the redesign of the framework once again, from scratch.

Here are the key challenges were:

  • The scope in AngularJS was confusing to developers, and as a result, they misused in many contexts.
  • Lack of a standardized toolchains
  • Routing and Binding
  • Though envisioned with component design, the development of custom components required a detailed understanding of the digest cycle.
  • Building large apps with angular js, the concern of performance forced developers to be knowledgeable of Angular internals such as bootstrapping, watches, etc.

Where and in which domain does Angular fit?

While deciding the technology to be used to build a web application, fitment analysis for the suitability of Angular is necessary. There are various domains where you can implement Angular, such as Logical Domains, Theoretical domains, and Functional Domains.

If you want to develop an application with Angular, then choose the one that has its own gestures and matches with the development requirements.

Here is the most popular niche where app developers can implement Angular and know where it is worth to use. Domains where Angular would be a good fit are:

  • Apps for user reviews:  If you want to develop an application for user reviews, then Angular JS is the best choice for developing such apps. These apps help users to get information about specific brands/services that they’re interested in taking. With this app, they can easily find the best solutions available and thus save money. 
  • Travel and destination finder apps: Since these type of application requires dynamic features, AngularJS can help you to build sophisticated and robust travel application.
  • On-demand video streaming apps: If you are looking for the best technology to use in building on-demand video streaming apps, then this is the best choice to develop your application. Netflix is the best example of this niche.
  • Weather update apps: Angular JS is the perfect choice for building weather update apps like It enables the developers to develop interactive displays within the application.
  • Interactive social apps: If you are looking to build Linkedin like social apps, then Angular JS is the no. 1 choice for such apps. Linkedin itself is developed on Angular, and we all know how popular this app is worldwide. 

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Best Practices to consider while developing Apps with Angular- 

  • Package generalized reusable component and services as independent libraries 
  • Wireframe/UX breakup to identify components and navigations. 
  • Isolate shared component to feature component 
  • Test components 
  • Use async pipes for managing to react stream 
  • Consider using AoT and tree shaking for build 
  • Implement components life cycle methods for proper initialization and clean up 
  • Effectively use the playground for unit testing 
  • Have a standard mechanism to manage complex and broad enterprise application 
  • Use a mono-repo pattern and angular workspace effectively 
  • Use Angular CLI and schematics effectively to generate code 
  • Design for reusability and consistency 

Why use Angular for Your Next Development Project? 

  • Large Community- It is built and maintained by large community engineers, including both members of the core development team and clients. There are many only resources on Angular JS for developers. That means developers can easily make a few improvements, and clients can select shrewd engineers as required.
  • Ease of Use- Angular has a rich feature set that makes the development easier for developers. It reduces the need to write code. Also, directives are not part of the app code, so that other development teams can easily maintain them. The client also takes advantage of Angular as they can also change or fix the problems involved when required.
  • Fit for small apps- It takes time to build complex web apps, but Angular JS works fast and fits well with small-sized apps. 
  • Flexible- Angular Filter feature allow distilling data before it gets into view. So, it helps to deal with formatting, reversing text, & pagination.
  • Customizable- While writing the code, developers don’t require to use all the libraries, and also they may change them when needed. Thus, it may reduce the size of the framework.

Popular Apps built with Angular JS

There are many famous companies around the globe using this tool for their projects. Here is the list of popular companies- 

  • PayPal 
  • iStock 
  • Netflix 
  • JetBlue 
  • Upwork 
  • YouTube 
  • The Weather Channel 
  • The Guardian 
  • LEGO 
  • Freelancer

Final Thoughts

Angular is notably well-aligned for building next-generation application, which needs to be fault-tolerant, decoupled, scalable, reactive, and more performant. 

It has all the capabilities that you need for building next-generation applications- ease of adoption, and fitment, and native cloud patterns. Developers can focus on building what they need to develop best, amazing user-experiences!

Google’s backing and above 49k stars in the official Github repo stand testimony to this adoption. And also, you can read the best mobile app testing tools for android and ios here.

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