Landing Page Optimization- A Complete Guide from Starting to End

Landing Page Optimization- A Complete Guide from Starting to End

Now, LPO, Landing page optimization is no more secret for smart internet marketers. In this digital era, it has become one of the most potent methods to build lasting competitive advantage. If the landing pages are optimized effectively, then it has great potential that can change the economics of your business overnight and turbocharge your online marketing programs. Don’t guess at what your visitors want. To find out what they accurately respond to, turn your landing page into a dynamic laboratory. 

Orient Yourself Quickly to Uncover New Skills

• Can I build the necessary team and action plan for my project? 
• What is the real value of landing pages for my business? 
• How do I uncover problems with my website? 
• What page elements should I test to get the best results? 
• Which tuning method is appropriate for me? 
• How do I avoid the biggest pitfalls when running my test? 

If you found any of these questions in the guide, then you must read the guide because that’s the right book.

What is Landing Page & Why Do You Need Them?

A landing page is the first page a visitor encounters when they get to your website. It can be your about page, your blog page, or even your home page, too. Any page a visitor can “land” on.

The landing page referred to dedicated pages made and optimized to do one thing. That could be to promote a giveaway, to make a sale, or to promote a sign up for a mailing list. It could be anything. 

In technical words, “Landing pages are standalone web pages distinct from your main website that has been designed or used for a single focused objective.” This means your landing page should have global navigation, in-text links, or unnecessary elements, like a sidebar.

Types of Landing Pages

  • Lead Generation Pages- This one is the most common type of landing page. Their focus is to get your visitor to part with their contact information so that you can market to them later in a more controlled setting EG Email
  • Click Through Pages- These pages are generally used on eCommerce websites to promote clicking through to the next page where the sale can be made. 
  • Sales Pages- These pages are the most important on your website as this is where the money is made. And, by its nature, it has the lowest conversion rate.

Best Practices of Landing Page that will Skyrocket Conversions

  • One page, One goal- When a landing page has more than a goal, its essential multitasking. It’s unable to get its primary purpose. You need to know what you want from your landing page before you start writing copy. There are tangible positives to creating pages with one goal. The first one is it reduces the number of options that reduce the anxiety ultimately & secondly, you have an easier time writing compelling copy.
  • Only essential imagery- Only use vital images because if your vision isn’t contributing to the written copy, then users will be confused and may feel a bit used. Don’t use images just to use them. Because over time, it will do more harm rather than good for your conversions. 
  • Only use real authority into your landing pages
  • Use Whitespace on your landing page because it makes your text easier on the eyes and more inviting. 
  • Tweak load time because a fast website is a higher-converting website. Use tools to speed your website.
  • Keep interested and add value- Don’t write boring copy because interest is the golden ticket to complete your desired action. And also, add value to your landing page because with these two things, you will see a positive swing in conversions.
  • The last and most important rule is to test everything. The simplest & fastest tests to implement are A/B size. 

Benefits of Landing Pages

1) SkyRocket website conversions
2) Data gathering and usage behavior
3) Build Hype and validate product/ideas
4) Create more variety
5) Better data-backed decisions
6) Improve marketing campaigns
7) Cate to more user segment
8) Improve Credibility

Essential Elements of Your Landing Page

Attention-Grabbing Headline

The beginning of your journey is and always will be your headline. This is your promise, your big idea, if it falls flat, then no amount of conversion devices will save you. Headlines are the most essential & fundamental element, and people give so much effort to create an attractive headline that not only captures attention but also delivers a promise. Not only headline but also the subheadline’s job is also an essential part of getting your visitors into the body copy.


Images support your message. They never take away from it. Your images add information when words would be a poor substitute.

 People add extraneous images when they are lazy. In normal posts, blogs, and pages, images add relief for the eye. In a world of text, images are a welcome relief. Unfortunately, it’s not the case with your landing page. If you add wrong, inappropriate photos, then it only serves to confuse your prospect. It only distracts your audience from your image. Make sure; you add a valuable image that conveys your message to the people. 

Compelling Copy

I wish I could give you the nuances of writing an amazing copy in a few pages. But I can’t. It’s a lesson. Here are some quick rundowns that will help you instantly improve your copywriting.

  • Know your customer
  • Get rid of Slogan & Jagron
  • Be Redundant
  • Never underestimate human greed
  • Do not overestimate Human Intelligence
  • Remember people are skeptical
  • Get someone to critique it 

Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service

The sad truth is that we live in a litigious society. You’ve got to let people know what they are getting into. Put a link to your privacy policy & terms of service where they can see it. It’s a great way to let them realize that their pieces of information are safe with you. If you are selling their interest to other businesses, then clearly state that in your policy & terms of service.

Mute the colors, so it does not create unnecessary anxiety and kill your conversions.

Social Proof that Matters

It’s a psychological phenomenon when we are in doubt; we follow the crowd. In low-risk situations where we don’t know the right socially acceptable behavior, we look to others for guidance. Just think about newly released books with no reviews. Will you take the risk of buying that book? 

Not all social proof is made equally—some suck. The best social proof is specific, backs up your claims, or favorably compares your product to another one. 

Testimonials are the most common type of social proof, but celebrity endorsements and client logos also work well. 

Note: Social proof also works in high-risk situations, but other factors take precedence.

What are the top landing page optimization tools in 2020?

There are more LPO tools options available in the market to choose from.

Though, its hard to choose the best suite of optimization tools. Here is the top list of landing page optimization tools that you must consider for getting the best performance from your landing pages.

Leadformly– Capture and convert more leads using conversion-optimized lead capture forms. It has pre-optimized templates feature over 58+ best practices that help you to boost conversion rate. It also provides customization and analytics so you can make improvements over time, but you will be getting great results from day one instead of starting from zero.
Popular features of Leadformly are Boost lead quality, Capture more leads, 1000+ integration. 
Pingdom– It is a free monitoring software tool that allows you to monitor your website’s performance and availability. It makes your website faster and more reliable with easy-to-use web performance and digital experience monitoring. You can boost the user experience of your web applications and sites. If you are using tools like WordPress to create landing pages, then this is the perfect tool for use.
Unbounce– Unbounce is one of the best landing page builder & conversion platform for marketers. This works well with other available marketing tools, including Google Analytics, WordPress, and other primary email marketing tools. You can grow your business by converting more leads. There is no need to write codes for building multiple landing pages.

Wrapping Up

Landing pages are required when it comes to generate leads and boost business ROI. Landing Pages are a vehicle to tell the story and advance the mission to every corner of the world. Landing pages you build over the next few hours, days, months, and years are meant to take you forward. The secret to always stay in front of the curve is to test. Optimizing landing pages efficiently takes lots of time and hard work. 

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