Market Research Guide to Launch Your App in Australia

Market Research Guide to Launch Your App in Australia

The app market has been very competitive for the last 5-6 years. Business people and app owners are facing different challenges to set their flag in fierce competition. Standing amongst tons of apps needs a strong app launch strategy. App launch strategies are essential for a successful launch in the app market. Mobile app development strategy has been a severe point of concentration by many web developers and top SEO companies in Australia.

There has been a significant bounce in the app’s business after owners have giving attention to their app’s market research strategies. So, there are many things to keep in mind – from creating/designing an app to launching an app. To make your journey smooth, we have enlisted some of the vital launching steps to make your app a standout:

1. Thorough Market Research

Market research is the most crucial step in an app journey. As an app owner, you must check the demand for your product in the market. It would be best if you strategized your app launch according to its niche. If you do not have a unique concept, you might land up in a tight competition. So, analyze your competitors and research them thoroughly – from their features to stylings.

2. Let Customers Use The Prototype

Letting the real users use your app is very important. Sometimes, it is necessary to give the essence of your upcoming app to the real users, who are going to use it in the end. Getting feedback from the users will provide you with the chance to improve the app if there are any shortcomings.

3. Pick an Appropriate Day For Launching

It is essential to set a launch date which grabs the eyes of most people. You have to bring everything in line- from your timelines to goals. Also, choose a launch date wisely according to your marketing schedule. There are multiple things to be considered before setting up a final launch date.

4. Promote Your App

Promoting your app before launching plays a vital role in your app’s success. You can promote your app on social media, create promotional videos, and interact with the audience via polls. It helps in generating higher engagement and convince them to get your product. Many web developers in Australia do not understand its importance. We are one of the app SEO companies in Australia and have always helped mobile app development teams to promote their apps.

5. Paid Advertisements

Paid advertisements can bring a hole in the owner’s pocket, but it is necessary for the app’s ongoing growth. You can limit yourself to the app launch campaign to build an audience and initial downloads. After that, paid advertisements can do their job to give you a visible boost in downloads and organic searches. It will also help in generating app store ratings, which plays a significant factor in the app’s success. 

Major Mistakes to Avoid While Launching a Mobile App

1) You wait longer to market

When you live your ios and android app in the app store, you expect thousands of downloads quickly. But, you need to understand that there are many similar apps already existing & competing to grab the user’s attention. According to a report, millions of apps are on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s App Store. So, to be more accurate, you”ll be difficult with this estimation.

And the competition will be tighter for you each month with new launching apps. It is necessary to have unique and innovative marketing ideas for iOS and Android app marketing to make your app visible to users. If you don’t have unique marketing app plans, your potential audience will hardly discover your app. 

2) You’re seeking for “growth” hacks

Everyone looks for effective and short hacks to stay on top of the market for the long-term. However, there is no such kind of hacks and tactics! No one can get easily and quickly sustainable competitive advantage over their competitors. But, still, there are certain things that you can do to get a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors to increase sales. 

  • Understand your customers’ needs to become on the top.0
  • Do proper market research, understand your audience, interview your potential customers to find out what they are exactly looking for in the app, and what things drive them to download your app.
  • Beef up your marketing strategy from the pre-launch phase until after you launch the app.
  • Track as much as possible to see which solutions and features users browse more so you can integrate such solutions and features into your app.
  • Create a buzz by providing the latest updates. Continue this even after you reach the top of the chart. Once you stop updating your app’s new features, they might lose interest in the long run, and they soon uninstall your app from their mobile phones.
  • Your app’s download figures should not be the sole basis of your success. If your apps are getting thousands of downloads does not necessarily mean your app is being used. Users can leave your app if they don’t find it relevant according to their interests. High Abandonment figure of the app can cause a problem for you!
  • Use the in-app messaging to grow your mobile application and user retention. These visual notifications help your users by directing them on what they should do next while using the app. This strategy can uplift your users to explore more about your app.
3) Launching a Complete Application

Another common mistake that most people do is they launch their full-fledged application directly. This can lower down the benefits of mobile presence. 

When you design & launch a complete app at once, it demands more cost, effort, and as well as time. Additionally, the risk of failing to entertain the right audience due to some reasons, such as a change in their needs, evolving market trends is also high. But, when you develop an MVP(Minimal Viable Product), it saves time and money associated with the development plan. And, also it helps in validating your app idea, gathers adequate user data, and make the best of the mobile app launch. So, consider this as well. 

Final Words

Launching an app is a tedious task. It is not just building an app, publishing it on the app store, and you’re done. No! Promotion is an essential part of your app’s journey. Promotion of your app and improving its strategy shapes the future of your app. In order to get real success, promotions and app strategy must have given significant importance.

At our company, we have helped many web developers in Australia in achieving their goals. Many mobile development teams have lost their track due to the lack of app launch strategies. We have helped hundreds of clients in building robust app launch strategies. Hence, they have rated us as one of the top SEO companies in Australia.

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