Meet the new features and updates of Angular 6

Meet the new features and updates of Angular 6

Angular 6 is a javascript framework for building dynamic apps and web applications. It comes with a superset of Javascript that consists of HTML, Typescript, and Javascript. Angular offers HTTP services, built-in animations, and materials, which in turn has features such as auto-complete, toolbar, navigation, menus, etc. You can write Angular applications in Typescript, which compiles to javascript and displays the same in the browser. This major version from Angularteam also contains some amazing new features and upgrades, which will definitely benefit the android app development company in Australia. The new Angular version is undeniably remarkably lighter, faster, and more manageable. Developers will definitely be going to embrace this new version for web and app development as it makes the development process easier.

Angular 6 and Angular 5 are almost the same. It has backward compatibility with Angular 5. So, before we discuss new features and updates of Angular 6, Let’s see the features and changes made in Angular 5.

Angular 5 and it’s Features

The main motto behind the release of Angular 5 was improving its speed and size than that of Angular 4. Here are the following features that were introduced in Angular 5. 

  • Multiple export aliases- You can export components by using multiple aliases to ease the process of migration.
  • Lambda Support- Instead of functions, you can use Lambda expressions with proper names.
  • Improved Compiler- Angular 5 compiler supports incremental compilation leading for faster compilation.The compiler uses the new feature of Typescript transforms. Angular 5 supports Typescript 2.3 version onwards.
  • Build optimizer- Angular 5 introduced a new feature that is Build optimizer. It optimizes the build size and improves the speed of the application. Angular CLI automatically uses the Build optimizer.
  • Http Client API- The introduction of HttpClient API in Angular 5 was made to deplore the Http library. It is much faster, efficient, and secure than the Http library.
  • Internationalized Pipes- New Pipes are introduced for number date and currency for better standardization.

Now, its turn to discuss the significant changes that were made in Angular 6.

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Top Features and Updates of Angular 6

1. Angular Element

Angular Custom elements are a recent addition to the angular frameworks that allow you to create an Angular component and then published as web components, which can then be used in any HTML page in other environments. You can create native custom elements (such as DOM element) easily by using the Angular element package. Angular Elements is the brainchild of Rob Wormald, a developer advocate of the Angular team at Google.

2. Updated Component Development Kit (CDK )

The Angular 6 updated CDK supports creating responsive web design layouts without the need for an angular material library. It supports responsive web design layouts, and also overlay sets to create pop-ups. The Angular Material library uses a component dev kit, which provides 30+ UI components to create attractive and functional web pages and web applications. The Angular team introduces the UI component library in December of 2017, but they keep improving it.

3. Upgrading to RxJS 6.0.0

Angular 6 is upgraded to the Rxjs 6.0.0, the latest library version that is used for react programming. Enjoy with the newest features of RxJS 6 in your Angular app!

4. Updated Angular CLI (Command Line interface)

New Command Line interface added, like ng-update, which helps you to migrate from the previous version to the current version. Ng-add helps to quickly add application features to make application progressive web apps. 

5. Bazel Compiler

We can use Bazel Compiler almost in all software such as distributed caching, optimized dependency, parallel execution, the mobile application is helpful to build a web in a short duration. Bazel Compiler consists of more than 300 apps that are written in Angular. 

6. Closure Compiler

Bundling optimizer, which enables you to create JavaScript modules. At the same time, it also helps to generate minimum bundles. The new and upcoming releases of Angular framework use toolchain for app development.

7. Ivy Renderer

Ivy Renderer is a new background which mainly focuses on improving the speed, size reduction, and increased flexibility by making the app size smaller and the compilation faster. “Switching to Ivy rendered will be smooth” by the Angular team. This feature will decrease the size of the code by gzipped the code. Well, Ivy isn’t landing in Angular 6, but it’s more likely to land around the v7 timeframe. The experimental flag will be there in Angular 6. 

8. Updated Angular Material

New tree component added, mat-tree, a styled version, and CDK-tree, an unstyled version, to represent a hierarchical structure like a tree.

  • Tree Shaking on Services- We can apply tree shaking on services as well as to remove the dead code.
  • Service Worker- It is a script that runs in the web browser and manages to cache for an application. The service worker is also included in Angular 5. But, in Angular 6, it comes with bug fixes and additional features.
  • Router- Added navigationSource & restoredState to NavigationStart, there is no way to know if navigation was triggered imperatively or via the location change.

These Few Changes Included in Angular 6

  1. Added Optional generic type for ElementRef
  2. Updates on NgModelChange
  3. Add type and hooks to directive def
  4. Typescript 2.7.x supports
  5. Improved decorator error messages
  6. Fix platform-detection example for Universal
  7. Added to supports of Native-Element
  8. Enable size tracking of a minimal CLI render3 application
  9. Add canonical view query
  10. <template> is no longer supported. Now, all you can do is using the previously existing <ng-template> instead.
  11. Extended the long-term support (LTE) to all major releases starting with v4.
  12. Web pack module bundler updated to version 4

Essential Features of Angular 6 with Regard to the Development Purpose 

  • Typescript 2.6.x support
  • Router
  • Optional generic type for ElementRef 
  • Forms Features
  1. AbstractControl statusChanges now emits an event of ‘PENDING’ when you call AbstractControl markAsPending. 
  2. ngModelChange is now emitted after the value/validity is updated on its control. 
  3. Add Multiple validators for array method of FormBuilder
  4. Handle string with and without line boundary on pattern validator.

Wrapping Up

Angular has been ruling the industry of open-source web application development platform since it exploded to the market for the first time. It provides high-level web development support, and considering all the amazing features, one can easily mistake to assume that Angular must be difficult to learn and to use. Contrary to that, Angular is less hard, and you can easily learn and use this one. This makes apps fun and interesting to deal with. Version 6 continues an emphasis on being faster and easier to use improved the Web Development to a great extent for app developers in Sydney

No wonder Angular has such a huge community and support with great popularity. 

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